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Anna Maria Key

Anna Maria Island, also known as Anna Maria Key, is an island off the coast of Florida, United States. It is a small island, less than eight miles long, bordered by Tampa Bay to the north, and the Mexican Gulf to the east. Manatee Avenue Bridge and the Cortez Bridge form the lifeline of the island, for they are two thin pieces of concrete, stretching across the water and connecting the mainland of Florida to the paradise of Anna Maria.

Imagine waking up in the morning to the perfect Florida weather, the clear clouds and the endless beaches, and watching the curtains of your living room window dance on the soft breeze coming in from the ocean. Everyone is familiar with the healing smell and feeling of the maritime gusts of wind: the salty, sandy smell that soothes all your senses and calms your mind.
Anna Maris Island is easily accessible and well connected to the mainland, yet still remains a peaceful little oasis with a glorious view. It is so close, yet so far.

On Anna Maria, you will find none of the usual tourist craze that accompanies an island of such beauty. That said, this small piece of paradise is never ever boring. Whether you’re a tourist passing by, or a native who seeks the active, outgoing solitude of timely retirement, you will find something to do on the island of Anna Maria.

Combined with the enchanting ocean and the warm sun that murmur in solitude and make us happy every day, there is a plethora of activities around the island. One can watch turtles from May to October, during their mating period, as they sluggishly traipse along the beaches, shining in their majestic beauty. Or, you can simply lie down, read or play chess, and the glorious sunrises and sunsets disappearing in the ocean will do the rest for you. The coast of the island is ideal for bike riding, the waters for fishing, surfing and kayaking, and the restaurants well equipped and ready to handle your empty, wary stomachs after a day of exciting activities.
Sure, all is well, but before I can do all that I have to have a place to stay, right?

The island of Anna Maria offers incredible accommodation, and the locations vary from inexpensive quality rentals to extravagant villas that will pamper you and convince you even further that coming to Anna Maria was a beautiful idea. All across the island, from Holmes to Coquina and Bradenton beach, your accommodation needs will be looked after, and in the end, exceeded.
The beautiful memories of a walk down the beach with your loved one, teaching your kids to swim, sipping a Mojito in the pool of your beach view villa, and coming back home at five in the morning, your flip-flops in hand will stay with you forever.
In the end, what more can one want from life?